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How to Measure Your Blade
A. Measure your blade diagonally from cutting tip to cutting tip.
(Measure mulching blades on back to ensure straight line)

B. Measure the width at the widest part of the blade.

C. Measure the center hole.

D. Measure the center to center distance between the outer holes.
Lawn mower blade Measureing tool

Replacement Commercial Blades By Manufacturer

If you need replacement blades for your Commercial Mower, you are in the right place! We have access to most of the OEM blades and we also have access to all of the aftermarket blades. So we should be able to get the blade you need! Select your brand below. The website will narrow your search so the correct blades will be displayed.

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The importance of lifts : Different lift can change the air flow underneath your deck. A high lift will produce more suction which can be great in bagging season. A lower lift is great for side discharging. A mix of the two can produce a reduction in baggin clipping and not leave material on the lawn.  Mulching blades also come in a variety to reduce the material left behind. Also mixing the lifts like (2) standard lift blade and (1) Hi-lift on your right deck spindle can give you great side discharge and help you pack your grass catcher real tight!
Lawn Mower Blade air lift styles
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