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Ultra-Vac Impeller Bearing

Availability: If in stock ships same day, ordered stock up to 4 day delay

OEM bearing made by Peer that Exmark and Toro use in their Ultra-Vac Turbo fan.
Check side of bearing for Peer number: FH205-16
ID: 1"
OD: 2.0472
HT: 1.2205
OEM bearing made for Exmark and Toro
Part Number: 1-653346

SKU 1-653346

Ultra-Vac Bearing

Exmark OEM Bearing-Sph
Ultra-vac Fan Bearing
2 Required
Used in All Exmark Ultra-vac Blowers

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Ultra-Vac Bearing 1-653346
Ultra-Vac Bearing

Bearing just like the original is a peer bearing.
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The exact Peer bearing with Ex-Marks part number in stock and delivered within days. Unit now works real nice.
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I bought a few of these to try them. they seem to be holding up. used them for about 5 cleanup. says peer right on them
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