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Fuel Treatments

Ultra-Fresh Fuel Stabilizer prevents and retards gum, varnish and corrosion formation.
Reduces risk of engine damage on any snowblower, lawn mower and garden equipment due to stale gasoline and eliminates the need to drain gasoline.
Each packet treats 2.5 gallons of fuel.
0.2 oz. Powder.
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75 Packets in Box
Each packet treats 2.5 gallons of fuel
0.2 oz. Powder
- +

Keeps fuel fresh for 2 years at 1 oz. per 2 gal
Protects fuel against water that ethanol attracts
Ensures easy starting- even after seasonal storage
Coats and protects the carburetor from corrosion
Cleans intake valves, cleans carburetor varnish
- +

3X Ethanol damage protection
Faster starts
No alcohol
Promotes a healthier, longer-lasting engine
Scientifically engineered to preserve and protect
32 oz bottle
- +

OEM Ariens 04730400 Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer
Size: 4 oz. Bottle
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Fuel stabilizer proven to reduce ethanol-related problems while stabilizing fuel up to 3 years. - Ultra-Concentrated. - Protects all internal engine components from corrosion / varnish due to ethanol blended fuels.
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