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Radio Head Set

Elvex QuieTunes AM/FM COM-660, Impulse COM-655 and ComConnect Bluetooth COM-660NRW electronic ear muff have been designed with the electronics separated from the hearing cavities. This, in turn, keeps moisture and sweat away from the electronics which extends the life span of the headset. 

Only Available While Supplies Last!
ComConnect Bluetooth Electronic Earmuffs make it easy to hear even in noisy work environments! These earmuffs allow wireless “pairing” to cell phones or MP3 players in order to make/receive phone calls or enjoy your favorite music.
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2 sets of high quality microphones
Impulse filter electronically removes impulse sounds
Runs on 2 AAA alkaline batteries.
150 hours run time
Available in grey only
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AM/FM stereo
Runs on 2 AAA alkaline batteries
150 hours run time
Available in Maroon.
3.5mm audio jack to connect audio device or smartphone.
22NNR Noise reduction rating
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