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Z-Spray Nozzle Tips

Mixing of liquid or dry product should be in accordance to manufacturers labels. Remember this is designed for low volume spraying so the mix will be more concentrated

Remember that your machine is factory set to put down 1/3 gallon of liquid per 1,000 sq.(at 5MPH and 40PSI ).
For instance, some products call for 1.1 to 1.5 oz per 1,000 sq. We would recommend using 1.3 (median value of 1.1 to 1.5). Since you are using a 1/3 gallon, you need to multiply by 3, then multiply that amount by the number of gallons your put in your tank 1.3 (median value of 1.1 to 1.5) X 3 (1.3 gallon) X gallons of water needed.
If you were filling a 30 gallon tank your equation would look like this: 1.3 X 3 X 30 = 117 ounces in 30 gallons of water.

AI10025 ( Lilac, Violet Tip)

  • Produces a tapered edge flat spray pattern for uniform coverage in broadcast spraying
  • Polymer insert holder
    Larger droplets for less drift
  • Recommended pressure rating 30–115 PSI (2–8 bar)
- +

AI11002 Yellow Tip
  • Tapered edge flat spray pattern for a uniform coverage in broadcast spraying.
  • Ideal for drift sensitive applications
  • For numerous applications including systemic herbicides
  • Recommended pressure rating of 30-115 PSI., 1/4 Spray Tip
Replaces L.T. Rich Part # 60000-Y & Exmark 135-8298
- +

Replaces L.T. Rich Part # 60000-L
- +

Avi-11004 1/2 Spray Tip
Replaces L.T. Rich Part # 60000-R
- +

Avi-110015 Green 1/5 Spray
Replaces L.T. Rich Part # 60000-GREEN
- +

OEM Z-Spray 126-7172 Spray Nozzle
Color: Blue
Fits ZSL3620
- +

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