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Cable Supplies

ProParts is a great place to find supplies to remake or repair broken throttle cables and choke Cables.

Standard Galvanized Conduit
50 ft. Roll
3/16 size
For use with solid wire
- +

Makes Bending Wire Easy
For bending a perfect Z in the end of a cable
Works with .54" and .072" cable
- +

Galvanized Inner Wire
100 ft Roll of wire
.054" Gauge Wire
Solid Wire ( not for use on motorized Vehicles)
- +

Conduit Button
For 7/32" Conduit
Threaded to attach conduit housing to head assembly
- +

- +

Used to secure the control inner wire at the engine end. Will accommodate all wire sizes up to .090" diameter.
Fits tubing 1/4"
- +

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