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FS Engines

The Fast moving Parts for Kawasaki FS 481/541/600/651/691/730 Series Engines. Make sure to check your spec number when choosing air filters. Need more? Try our Kawasaki Parts Diagrams. Click Here

Kawasaki OEM Air Filter
Fits Models FR651V FR691V FR730VFS481V FS541V FS600V FS651V FS691V FS730V and FX600V
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OEM Kawasaki Pre Element Air Filter.
Part Number: 11013-7046
Used with Kawasaki 11013-0727 Air Filter
Fits Kawasaki FR641V thur FR600V Engines
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NGK Plug
Thread Size: 14mm.
Hex Size: 13/16" (20.6mm)
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Fits Kawasaki FR, FS, and FX engines
Mounting seal OD: 2-3/4"
Height: 2 3/8"
Micron: 25/30
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20W-50 Engine Oil
KTech 4-cycle oil contains a zinc additive which prevents excess wear on engine parts
Proven oil consumption control in heavy-duty service
Contains anti-foaming and anti-shear agents
Meets JASO MA API Service CJ-4 and SL
1 Qt. Bottle
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OEM Kawasaki Gasket Head.
Used on Kawasaki Engines:
FR541, FR600, FS481
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