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FH KAI Engines

The Fast moving Parts for Kawasaki FH KAI 381/430/480/541/580 Series Engines. Make sure to check your spec number when choosing air filters. Need more? Try our Kawasaki Parts Diagrams. Click Here

Element Air Filter
Fits the following engines:FH318V, FH430V, FH451V, FH580V
Size: 7-3/8" L X 3-3/8" X 2-3/8
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Foam Pre-Filter
Length: 9"
Width: 2-1/2"
Part Number: 11013-7025
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Fits Kawasaki FH, FR, FD, FE and FJ engines
OD: 2-11/16"
Height: 3"
Thread Size: 3/4"-16
Replaces Kawasaki 49065-7010
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Tune Up Kit
Includes: 2quarts of SAE 30 K-Tech engine oil
pleated air filter with mounting screw
wrap-around foam pre-filter
oil filter
2 spark plugs
Used on Kawasaki FH381V, FH430V engines
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20W-50 Engine Oil
KTech 4-cycle oil contains a zinc additive which prevents excess wear on engine parts
Proven oil consumption control in heavy-duty service
Contains anti-foaming and anti-shear agents
Meets JASO MA API Service CJ-4 and SL
1 Qt. Bottle
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Champion: Rcj8Y
Used in FH 4-Cycle Engines
Thread diameter: 14mm
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