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Truck Loader Hose Specs

Our brand of truck loader is designed to fit all major brands of truck loaders like Giant-Vac, Billy Goat, Little Wonder, Bear-Cat and now Scag-Giant vac. Our PV and PU hose is clear and sold in 12 ft sections. The T-7W hose is black and yellow.

Flexadux T-7W is lighter weight and great for the nozzle end of the truck loader. The PU and PV can be used for the nozzle end but do not flex as much and better suited for the exhaust side of the truck loader. The PU hose is also great in longer runs for bark mulch blowing.

Product Description Wall
Temp Flexibility Color Interior Puncture Resistance
Medium weight wire reinforced thermoplastic rubber w / external Wearstrip 0.30 -60 to 275 Very Flexible Black w/ Yellow Wearstrip Semi-smooth Better
Medium weight co-extruded PVC hose with external PVC helix

0.30 (2" - 3")
.035 (5"-8")
.040 (9" - 12")

20 to 160 Good Clear w/ Black Helix Smooth Good
Flex- Tube
Medium weight co-extruded Urethane hose w/ external ABS Helix 0.32
.33 (3" - 5")
.35 (6" - 10")
.040 (10" - 12")
-40 to 200 Stiff Clear w/ Yellow Helix Smooth Best

Detailed Truck Loader Hose Information

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