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Walker DC48 and DC42 Gearboxes

SUBJECT:  Transition to Pro-Gear® Gearboxes
MODELS AFFECTED: All Gear Driven Decks with Heavy Duty Gearboxes, S/N 168266 And On Transition to Pro-Gear® Gearboxes
Purpose: Walker is making a production change to use Pro-Gear® gearboxes on all gear-driven mower decks equipped with heavy-duty gearboxes. Due to a change in the type of the gears used in the Pro-Gear® gearboxes, there is a preferred direction of rotation for the gearbox to give optimum performance and quiet operation. In order to obtain the preferred rotation, it is important to install the gearboxes as identified by the attached diagrams for each mower deck. The diagrams show the gearbox part number, shaft rotation (as viewed from the operator seat), blade rotation, gearbox assembly part number, and the first mower deck production serial number using the Pro-Gear® gearboxes. The Pro-Gear® gearboxes are a direct replacement part for the Peerless gearboxes used on earlier units and may be used interchangeably when replacing a gearbox on an earlier deck and may be “mixed and matched” with Peerless in the deck gearbox assembly. Just use the information in the attached diagrams when replacing the Peerless gearbox with a Pro-Gear® gearbox to get the correct part number.
NOTE: This bulletin will be periodically updated with the beginning production serial numbers as new decks are transitioned to Pro-Gear®.

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