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90399 Stainless Steel Ice Melt Spreader

EarthWay Polar tech 90399 Spreader Parts. Polar Tech Spreader features a maintenance-free, heavy-duty gearbox with upgraded wheel bearings for ease of movement. It also features an adjustable handle length. Repair your Earthway spreader only with Original Earthway Parts. Don't see what you need? Call us at 800 305 9255 or Live Chat us!

Earthway 90399 Owners Manual 90399 Spreader Parts Diagram

Earthway OEM Part
Axle Bushing (2130/2150/2170/S25)
Used on Earthway Spreader Models
2130, 2150, 2170, 2130SS, 2150T, 2170PRO-SS, 2170PRO-SS, 2170T, F130S, F130S, F80, F80S, S25, S25SS
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EarthWay OEM Part
Used on EarthWay Spreaders:
2150, 2170, 2100P, 2150T, 2170PRO, 2170PRO-SS, 2170T, C22HD, C22HDS, C24HD, C24HDS, C25HD, C25HDS, M21P, M21S, M40ECM, M80ECM,
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EarthWay OEM Part
Size: BOLT 1/4-20 X 1" CARRIAGE ZINC
Used on Earthway Spreader Models:
2130, 2150, 2170, 1001-B, 2130SS, 2150T, 2170PRO, 2170PRO-SS, 2170T, 2600APLUS, 2600A, 7300SU, 7350SU, C22HD, C22HDS, C24HD, C24HDS, C25HD, C25HDS, F130, F130PD, F130PH, F130PL, F130PSD, F130PSH, F130S, F80, F80PD, F80PH, F80PL, F80PSD, F80PSH, F80PSL, S15, F80S,
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