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Forklift Tire Chains

If you run your forklift outside then a set of tire chains is what you need.Fork lift tire chains provide grip in slick conditions. Fork Lift tire chains are sold in pairs.

825X15 Twist Link Forklift Chain (4-Link).
- +

250X15 / 27X1050X15 Twist Link Forklift Chain (4-Link).
- +

28X12X15 Twist Link Forklift Chain (4-Link).
- +

29X8X15 / 815X15 Twist Link Forklift Chain (4-Link).
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HM Studs Tire Studs
11mm Height
Studs provide superior traction for equipment with clearance tolerances where tire chains are not a viable option, tire chains will not fit or may cause damage to the equipment
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