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Foam Marker

The foam marker system visually assists the operator with providing accurate product coverage. The foam marker comes complete with frame, fittings and hoses and may be used on all twin cylinder Z-Sprays.

Replaces L.T. Rich Part # 80202
Used on Z-Spray
ZS3624, ZS4230, ZS4230Xl, ZS4630, ZS4630XL, ZS5260, ZS5260XL
- +

Z-Spray 135-6639 Bracket, Nozzle
- +

Replaces L.T. Rich Part # 80205-AC
- +

Marker-Foam, Mount
Replaces L.T. Rich Part # ZB200334-A
- +

Z-Spray 135-6274 Screw-Hhf
Replaces L.T. Rich Part # HFSSC-3834
- +

Replaces L.T. Rich Part # 70060
- +

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