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Covid-19 Policy

Dear Friends and Customers of ProParts,

At ProParts Direct we're finding better, safer ways to do business. These changes will make it EASIER, not harder. Currently, we are listed as an essential business and will remain open with our standard hours. While things may change, this is the current policy we follow to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers.

This includes:
1. Everyone of our small staff maintains the recommended guidelines of social distancing, inside the shop and after work. We have taken an oath to remain healthy so we can continue to serve you. If we get sick we are no help to you!

2. We have increased our sanitizing and cleaning intervals every morning and afternoon. We have a team that wipes down every touchpoint in the building with cleaning wipes.

3. Our picking and shipping staff has been outfitted with rubber gloves. They also have cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer at each one of their stations.

4. We have a strict policy regarding showing signs of sickness. The employee is asked to leave for a minimum of 14 days and is not allowed to return without a doctor's note.

5. Incoming parts from vendors get wiped down before being put on shelves.

6. We have limited the number of people who have access to us and our inventory. We have suspended any tours and only people who need to have direct contact with the parts are in the building.

7. If you are concerned with the possibility of COVID-19 on the outside of your package, please follow the CDC guidelines of letting the package sit for 24 hours. There is a very low risk of the virus spreading from the packaging, but we understand if you want to let it sit for a day before opening. We will not count this delay against you if you need to return the item.

All of this is within reason, of course, but we're here to make your life easier, not harder. Let's get through this and not make it harder than it has to be. We've got this and you've got this.  We are still a small business doing what we can to survive and still serve you. As of now we are not planning to close, but will rely on the guidance of local authorities. Please contact us with any issues, we are here to assist you.

The Staff of ProParts Direct

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