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How to Track Your Order

To Start, we recommend you create an Account. So you can access your order information. Visit your Order Status to check the status of your shipment(s).

What The Order Status Means:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
FullFillment / Paid / Unshipped

Underneath your order number in your account you will see this status. The first part refers to the current status. We use 6 terms to determined your order Status.

Part 1

IF your order has been switched to
Processing: that means your order has been looked at and 1 or more items may have come from our outside warehouse. In that case, your order will ship out with in 2 to 3 days. (Unless otherwise notified).
Fullfillment: Your order is complete and is being readied to ship out.
Shipped: Your order has shipped and an email with your tracking number was sent to you.
Drop Shipped: This means your order was Shipped Directly from the Manufacture
Card Hold: This means your payment declined and we are not able to process your order. We will send out an email or call you to collect payment. In some cases we have noticed people will by mistake enter in the wrong expiration date or CVV code.
Order Canceled: This means we have cancled your order and made any refunds. In some cases if we have not heard from a customer after 30 Days we have to cancel the order to clear the system. If your order was canceled and you need to have it active again please call us at 800 305 9255.

Part 2

This will either say Paid or Unpaid. This refers to the payment. If it says unpaid we will send you an email to collect a form of payment. All orders must be paid before they will ship.

Part 3

This indicates your order has been Shipped. At that time you should be looking for an email with your tracking number. If you deleted or did not receive an email with tracking information, contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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