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Common Terms Used on the Website

The outdoor power equipment Industry uses a variety of terms that seem commonplace to us, but we figured we would describe them as how we see it. This should help with any confusion in using our website and the processing of your order.
If you have any questions Feel free to Live chat with us or call us at 800 305 9255.

Searching And Finding Parts

On the ProParts Direct website, look at the search box near the top of the page. You can use this box 2 ways. You can enter in just your part number and the site should search for your part. You can also choose the brand if you know it and then enter your part number. By doing this it will speed up the search. Remember to use dashes or spaces if the part number has them

If the site does not pull up any results, the next best thing is to go to the parts diagrams. Select the brand and then use the Quick parts Search tool.
We can always add a part to the site as well. Just let us know and we will do it!

What does "supersede" mean?

Manufacturers and suppliers will change how they make a part, change what they call a part, or just change how they want to number a part. When this happens, they normally create a new part number and people trying to purchase the part by the old number are "re-directed" to the new "superseded" part number. When we supersede a part number to a new part number, it may be obvious (like the addition of letters or numbers to the beginning or end of the original part number) or it may not be (like the new part number could look nothing like the old one, as in when a part has become piece of a repair kit and the old part is no longer sold separately). If you ever have any questions about purchasing a superseded part please feel free to contact us.

What does "No Longer Available" mean?

When we use the phrase "No Longer available", it can mean two things. It can mean: the part is no longer being manufactured or the part had been changed to now require a color designation. It can also mean: while we do not have it, a dealer in our network may have it and we can suggest their contact information to you.

What Does "Call Us" Mean?

Due to so many parts in the industry, it is hard to maintain the stocking levels on over 5 million parts. We may not be able to get the part from our main supplier but we might be able to get it from a secondary vendor. Call us at 800 305 9255 and we can give you the best option.

My Order is Processing?

For parts we do not stock, we place purchase orders every business day with our suppliers.. So even if we don’t have the part you need in stock, if you place your order today the needed part will usually arrive at our warehouse and be headed to you in less than 3 business days. So processing just means the part to fill your order is on its way.

When I click "Place Order" it kicks me back to the shipping information screen?

From what we have seen this is caused by adding the extra 4-digit zip code to your regular zip code. Check that has not been added.

Is my personal and credit card information secure during checkout?

We follow the strictest guidelines set by PCI compliance. As part of PCI compliance, we use 256bit encryption for your credit card information. We contract with a third party company to provide Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, verified with a Security Certificate. After 30 days your complete card information is wiped from our system.

Who does ProParts use for shipping?

ProParts Direct uses 3 carriers, UPS, Fedex and USPS. We try to match the best option for your shipping area to the carry. Larger orders we use a Freight contract company, If you require a certain carrier let us know in the notes section when you place an order.

Where does ProParts Direct ship to?

We ship to anywhere all over the world. As we figure out new areas we add them to the website. Email us for a shipping quote. No place is too far!

My order got lost. What do I Do?

Contact our customer service team, You can email us at [email protected] or live chat us or call us at 800 305 9255. We will ask you to contact the shipping carrier and file a claim. We will contact the shipping carrier and also file a claim. Usually, that speeds up the search process. If the order has not been delivered within 24 hours of a claim being submitted, we will begin the process of getting another order out.

My order was damaged

Sometimes things do happen in shipping. First, thing to do is keep the packaging and take pictures. Contact us immediately, time is critical here. The quicker we know about the damage the quicker we can either replace the part or find another option.

Why shop with ProParts Direct?

ProParts Direct is the online parts arm of Turf Depot in New Hampshire. Our location puts us within 1 day of shipping time from the best suppliers in the industry. We order every day, sometimes multiple times a day from from our suppliers. This reduces the time to you. We carry over 80 brands so there is not much we cannot get except John Deere. On top of access to multiple brands our staff has over 150 years of experience with many of them coming from landscaping, warehousing and our service department. We do recommend and support your local dealer, but in today's market ordering online is how the world operates. ProParts recognizes this and offers fast shipping, great prices and experience.

Does ProParts Price match Amazon or Ebay?

To provide the highest level of customer service and to make sure we support our local employees properly, we do not price-match these websites. We carry Quality OEM parts and Aftermarket parts and offer them at great prices to be competitive. We recognize that these sites may have them for cheaper. But in this industry the old adage, you get what you pay for seems to hold true.

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