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Engine Issues

  • . Check Low battery voltage
    . Check Green wire unhooked from Solenoid
    . Check for Blown Fuse

  • . Check Fuel Valve off
    . Spark Plug boots and/or wires wet (dry with compressed air and spray with WD-40)
    . Inspect Choke not closing

  • . Fuel Valve partly closed
    . Inspect Fuel Filter for clog
  • . This is a "Low Voltage" warning
    . Could be Bad Battery
    . Could be Bad Stator
    . Could be Bad Regulator

  • . All engines use 5W40 Synthetic motor oil


  • . Belt may be off
    . Check Fluid Level

  • . Tow Valve Loose
    . Loose Belt
    . Worn pump or Wheel Motor

  • . All Z-Spray/Z-Plug hydraulic systems use 5W40 Synthetic motor oil

Wiring Harness

  • . Green Wire (Starter Solenoid)
    . Yellow Wire (Engine Shut Off)
    . White Wire (Fuel Solenoid / Accessories)
    . Black Wire (Ground)
    . Orange Wire (Key Switch Power)


  • . Shorten the joy stick rod on the slow side.

Spray System

  • . Throttle Valve is closed (open valve 1/4 turn)
    . Hose Reel Valve is open
    . Nozzle Check Valves are bad

  • . Air in the system or strainer is plugged/clogged
    . Clean strainer screen and make sure strainer gasket is in place and not deformed.
    . Check hose clamps for tightness.
    . Look for a hole rubbed in a hose or a loose fitting

  • . Pump Diaphragms are starting to wear

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