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RedMax Mount Bars

Jrco Mount bars for the Redmax CZT, CZT54X, CZT61X, RZT and RZT61X Mowers. Jrco Mount bars allow you to attach Rakes, Plows and other attachments to your mower.

Jrco mount Bar fits 52/54/61 Decks
Fits Husqvarna MZ/MZT 52" and 54" Deck
MZ/MZT 61" Mower Deck
RedMax CZT ( Not X) 52"/54" Mowers
Redmax RZT61X 61" Mowers
Includes mounting hardware

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Jrco Mount Bar Fits 48/54/60/72 Deck Sizes
Fits Husqvarna PZ/PZT Mowers
RedMax CZT54X and CZT61X Mowers
Includes Mounting Hardware

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Jrco Mount Bar Fits 42", 46", 48", 52" & 60" Deck Sizes
Fits Husqvarna RZ Z100-Z200 Series Mowers
Redmax RZT (Not X) 42", 46", 48", 54" Mowers
Includes Mounting Hardware
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